Free Style Optium Strips 100'S

Blood Glucose test strips, can be used with the Free Style Optium

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Free Style Optium - 100 Strips

• Freestyle Optium 100 strips compatible with only Freestyle Optium meters.

• Certified strip with proven accuracy, safety & efficiency.

• No coding required.

• Individually foiled wrapped strips help maintain safety.

• Quick, easy & safe blood glucose testing.


• No coding = one less step.

• Increased accuracy with fewer errors.

• Foil wrapped strips protect from air and moisture.

• Small blood sample required – 06 µl.

• 5 second test time.

• 5 second blood sample reapplication time.

• Fill trigger ensures test starts only when sufficient blood sample has been applied.

How to Use:

• Testing in 3 easy steps.

• The highly accurate Free Style Optium meter is easy to use straight out of the box.

• You're just 3 simple steps away from your test result.

• Step 1: Insert the grey end of a Free Style Optium test strip into the meter. The meter will turn on.

• Step 2: When the Apply Blood screen appears, touch the test strip to the drop of blood. Hold it there until the meter beeps.

• Step 3: Your test result will appear after a 5-second countdown. To turn the meter off, simply remove the test strip.


Stores at room temperature.

Made in:

United Kingdom.

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