Futuro Thumb Deluxe Stabilizer Beige S/M 45841

Helps relieve pain, used in cases of arthritis of the thumb, and support weak thumb

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Futuro Thumb Deluxe Stabilizer Beige S/M 45841

• Ideal for those experiencing arthritic symptoms or degenerative joint disease of the thumb.
• Helps stabilize the lower thumb joints.
• Allows free movement of the remaining fingers.
• The FUTURO Deluxe Thumb stabilizer delivers essential support to your thumb, so you can focus on the task at hand–whether that's texting, gaming, or gardening.
• This thumb stabilizer features two supportive stays and adjusts for a customizable fit.
• Size: S/M
• Colour: Beige

• Helps aching, sore, and weak thumbs with moderate support.
• Provides stability to your lower thumb joints.
• Durable lacing system easily adjusts for a snug fit.
• Ergonomic fit offers a great range of motion to remaining fingers.
• Soft, breathable materials enhance comfort.
• Convenient design can be worn on either hand.
• Ideal for everyday activities, texting, and gaming.

How To Use:
• As directed.

Made in: Germany.

Quantity: 1 Pc.

Store at room temperature.

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