Gynofit Vaginal Gel With Lactic Acid 6'S

Gel with Lactic acid for a healthy vagina

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Gynofit Vaginal Gel With Lactic Acid 6'S
• Gynofit Vaginal Gel helps your body restore an optimum pH in your intimate area.
• Gynofit Vaginal Gel minimizes the possibility of a vaginal infection.
• It can be used to treat various vaginal infections.
• It can also be used to prevent infection and when taking antibiotics.

Active ingredients:
Lactic acid, , , ,

• Gynofit Lactic Acid gel Counteracts itching, burning, and unpleasant odor.
• Restores pH balance.
• Helps the vaginal flora get back to normal.
• It has a practical hygienic applicator.

How To Use:
• Use Gynofit vaginal gel according to the attached instructions.
• Gynofit gel with high-quality lactic acid also creates the acid environment you need to restore balance in your vaginal flora.

Points Of Interest:
• Gynofit Lactic Acid Vaginal Gel was developed in collaboration with gynecologists for one goal: to rapidly and naturally restore a healthy, stable balance in the vaginal flora.
• The Gynofit gel is hormone and fragrance-free and very well tolerated.
• The practical applicator delivers Gynofit gel hygienically and safely to the internal lining of the vaginal, where it adheres and does not run out.

Made in:

6 Applications × 5 ml

Store at room temperature.

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