Hansaplast Transparent Strips 20 Pcs

Transparent wound plaster with strong adhesion and stability

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Hansaplast Transparent Strips 20 Pcs

Hansaplast Wound strips are transparent and invisible as well as it helps protect and isolate wounds from the external environment and contaminants.
It is characterized by its strong and effective adhesion and stability on the skin for long periods, which allows freedom of movement and the practice of all daily activities.
Suitable for minor daily cuts and scrapes.

• Hansaplast Transparent Strips help to protect and cover wounds.
• Used for minor and daily cuts and scrapes.

How to use:
• Hansaplast strips are used on dry skin, after cleaning the wounds.

Point of interest:
• Stop using wound strips if any signs of an allergic reaction appear, such as redness, skin irritation, persistent itching, and others.
• It is recommended to clean and disinfect cuts and scrapes before using wound strips.
• Make sure to replace them frequently when needed to prevent contamination and inflammation of wounds.
• Keep strips out of children's reach.
• Gently apply and remove it.

Made in: Indonesia

Quantity: 20 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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