Henso Blood Lancets 100 Pcs

Are sterile and single-use devices that are used for easy and efficient blood sampling required in medical tests

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Henso Blood Lancets 100 Pcs

Henso Blood Lancets are essential medical tools that are designed for blood sampling and testing purposes.
The lancets are sterile and single- use devices intended to provide safe and efficient blood collection in medical and healthcare settings.
Henso Blood Lancets feature a sharp, fine needle that minimizes pain and discomfort during the puncture process.
The lancets are equipped with a protective cap for hygienic storage and easy handling.

Henso Blood Lancets Benefits:
• Sterile and single- use for optimal hygiene
• Fine needle for precise and accurate blood collection.
• Protective cap for convenient storage and handling.
• Ensures patient comfort and safety during blood collection.

Direction of use for the Henso Blood Lancets 100 Pcs:
• Twist the cap on the Henso Blood Lancet.
• Pull the cap off the lancet.
• Place the cap back on the lancet after puncture to safely dispose of it.

More information:
• Avoid using the lancet if the protective cap has been previously removed.
• Do not attempt to reuse the lancets for multiple applications.
• Avoid storing the lancets inside lancing devices.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in: China.

Quantity: 100 Pieces.

Store at room temperature.

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