Johnson's Gentle All Over Wipes 72'S

Gentle baby wipes that are used to clean and care for the delicate and soft skin of babies



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Johnson's Gentle All Over Wipes 72'S

Johnson's Gentle All Over Wipes are used to care for your baby's delicate and sensitive skin.
The wipes help you to completely and safely clean the skin on all parts of the body, including during diaper changes.
Johnson's Gentle All Over Wipes are made with utmost care as they are free of materials that may irritate your baby's skin.
The wipes do not affect the skin's natural oils or its protective barrier and leave your baby's skin feeling silky smooth.

Active ingredients:
Silk Extract.

• Johnson's Gentle All Over Wipes help to clean the delicate and sensitive skin of babies.
• leaves the skin as soft as silk.
• Does not leave any unwanted residue.
• Maintains a balanced pH level.

More information:
• Make sure to close the packaging of the wipes tightly after each use.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Free of alcohol, dyes, and parabens.
• Discontinue using the wipes if any signs of allergy or skin irritation appear.

Made in:

72 Wipes

Store at room temperature
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