Joniline Revivexil Ampoules 3*10 ML

"Joniline Revivexil Ampoules 3*10 ML: Hair concentrated solution that rich in vitamin to improve hair thickness and treat hair loss"

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Product Description:

Joniline Revivexil Ampoules 3*10 ML:
A New effective hair common problems treatment that riches in group of vitamins which nourishing hair scalp, strengthening hair, controlling hair loss , It Supports health and natural hair grow by improving and supporting the follicles growing and their functions.

• Provides you a Thick hair.
• Treat hair loss.

How to use:

shake well before use, put 1 ml of solution on the hair scalp with gently massage, preferably before sleep.

Active ingredients:

Rosemary oil , Vitamin A , Vitamin E , B5.

How to store:

room temperature.

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