Kal Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll tablets to strengthen immunity and improve liver and digestive functions

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Kal Chlorophyll 20 mg Tabs 100'S

KAL Chlorophyll Tablets are rich in nutrients necessary to promote the overall health of the body.
Chlorophyll tablets have antioxidant properties that protect cells from aging and harmful free radicals.
In addition to strengthening immunity and preventing diseases, it is effective in improving liver functions and removing toxins from the body.
Chlorophyll tablets improve digestive function and bowel movement.

Active ingredients:

• Chlorophyll tablets strengthen immunity.
• Improving liver function and promoting the prevention of liver disease.
• Chlorophyll tablets help detoxify the body.
• Support digestive system functions.

How to use:
Take one tablet daily with a meal or glass of water once daily.

Point of interest:
• Consult your healthcare professional before using Chlorophyll tablets if you have a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.
• Don't exceed the recommended dose.

100 Tabs.

How to store:
Store at room temperature.

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