Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator

A manual device for cleaning children's noses and getting rid of accumulated mucus and secretions

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Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator
Kin Baby Nasal Aspirator is highly effective in removing mucus from babies' noses.
It helps remove mucus and prevent the accumulation of nasal secretions, which improves their breathing and reduces nasal congestion, especially during cold seasons.
Healthy and painless, It works by means of a suction mechanism, where you can control its intensity to reduce your child's feeling of discomfort.

Features of Manual Nasal Aspirator:
• Hygienic.
• Painless.
• Safe.
• Includes disposable refills to be able to use it multiple time.

How to use:
• Place the nasal aspirator tube in one side of the baby's nose.
• Relieve pressure on the aspirator to allow mucus and nasal secretions to come out.
• Remove the aspirator from the nose, and press it to remove the mucus on a tissue paper.
• Repeat the same steps with the other side of the nose.

More information:
• It is preferable to wash the child's nose with saline solution before using the Keen manual aspirator.
• Designed specifically for young children.
• Contents: 3 interchangeable cleaning heads and 1 tube.

Made in: Spain

Quantity: 1 Piece

Store at room temperature
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