Lacalut Fix Dent Adhesive Cream 40 g

A safe and effective cream for fixing full and partial dentures and protecting the gums

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Lacalut Fix Dent Adhesive Cream 40 g 

Lacalut Fix Dent Adhesive Cream is known for its long-lasting efficacy and stability giving you comfort and protection.
It provides superior protection for the gums from inflammation, irritation or pain caused by wearing dentures.
Denture fixing cream provides a stronghold by forming a protective layer that prevents the accumulation of food practical.
It contains vitamin E which reduces gum irritation and inflammation.
Lacalut fixing cream has a natural taste and it does not affect the taste of food, which helps you enjoy your food.

Active ingredients:
Calcium / Sodium PVM/MA Copolymer, Vitamin E, Silica, Petrolatum.

• Lacalut Fix Dent Adhesive Cream holds dentures for a long time.
• Prevents food particles from penetrating between the teeth and gums.
• Lacalut fixing cream provides superior protection from sore and irritated gums.
• Gives you comfort throughout the period of wearing the dentures.

How to use:
• Clean and dry your dentures, then start applying the sticky cream in small lines or dots away from the edges of the dentures.
• Press the dentures into place, secure it, and then bite it for a few seconds to secure it firmly and enjoy lasting stability.
• Do not eat or drink for 4-5 minutes after use.

Point of interest:
• Ideal for full and partial dentures.
• Make sure to clean and dry the dentures well before installation.
• It is recommended to clean the mouth thoroughly before putting on the dentures.
• Lacalut fixing Cream is free from zinc and parabens.

Made in:

40 g

Store at room temperature
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