Laica Mesh Nebulizer NE1005

A nebulizer device that is used to efficiently deliver medication through aerosol therapy

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Laica Mesh Nebulizer NE1005

Laica Mesh Nebulizer is an advanced ultrasound aerosol therapy unit device designed for efficient and silent delivery of medication.
The nebulizer is compact and portable making it perfect for those on the go and ideal for travel.
Laica Mesh Nebulizer is extremely quiet to ensure a comfortable and peaceful experience during treatment.
The nebulizer offers the convenience of both battery and mains operation to give you flexibility in power options.
Laica Mesh Nebulizer's package includes essential components such as an adult mask, a pediatric mask, a mask connection, a mouthpiece, and two batteries.

Laica Mesh Nebulizer Benefits:
• Rapid and extremely silent for comfortable treatment.
• Compact and handy design for travel.
• Easy to use and operate.
• Suitable for both children and adults.
• Comes with a user-friendly manual for easy setup and usage.
• Comes with a convenient case for storage and transportation.

Direction for use of the Laica Mesh Nebulizer NE1005:
• Follow the instructions leaflet found in the packaging of the Laica Mesh Nebulizer.

More information:
• Read and follow the instructions provided in the user manual carefully before using the nebulizer.
• Make sure to clean and disinfect the nebulizer after it has been used.
• Avoid using the nebulizer in a dusty or dirty environment to prevent clogging of the mesh.
• Store the nebulizer and its components in a clean and dry place when it is not being used.

Made in:

1 Piece

Store at room temperature

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