Lakme 18V Color Developer 120 ml

A color developer cream that is used with hair dyes to guarantee perfect and rich color



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Lakme 18V Color Developer 120 ml

Lakme Color Developer is a cream that is used along with hair dyes to obtain the desired color and ensure color stability.
Lakme 18V cream contains Abyssinian oil extract that protects hair strands and scalp.
It provides a secure and optimal method for lightening and bleaching hair, while preserving its softness and smooth texture.

Active ingredients:
Abyssinian Oil.

Benefits of Lakme Color Developer:
- Gives hair shine and stable color.
- Moisturizes the scalp and softens the hair.
- Has a creamy texture that is easy to mix and use.
- Enhances and maintains hair dye color.

How to use Lakme Color Developer:
- Mix the cream with the dye according to the desired color shade.
- Use gloves and a brush when applying the cream.

More information:
- Avoid contact with eyes, eyes should be washed with plenty of water in case of contact.
- It is recommended to wear gloves when using the cream to avoid skin irritation.
- Keep out pf reach of children.
- This product is intended for use by professionals.

Made in:

120 ml

Store at room temperature

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