Lipojen Lip Plumper 003

An injectable-free lip gloss that enhances lip volume to provide immediate and long-lasting plumping effects

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Lipojen Lip Plumper 003

Lipojen Lip Plumper 003 is a non- injectable solution that is designed to enhance and hydrate the lips.
The lip plumper features a patented biomimetic active peptide called Pal- GHK which stimulates the lips to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid to result in an increased volume.
Lipojen Lip Plumper 003's unique formulation also includes Shea Butter, Japonica Seed Oil, and Vitamin E to provide smoothing and moisturizing benefits.
The lip plumper contains also contains UV filters to protect against sunburn and once it's applied, it stimulates blood circulation leading to an instant plumping effect.
Code: 003 Hot Chocolate.

Active ingredients:
Pal-GHK, Shea Butter, Japonica Seed Oil, Vitamin E,

Lipojen Lip Plumper Benefits:
• Promotes firmer, fuller, and plumper lips.
• Enhances and defines the contour of the lips.
• Improves moisture levels and reduces dry flakes.
• Provides sunburn protection for the lips.

Direction for use of the Lipojen Lip Plumper 003:
• Apply the Lipojen Lip Plumper 003 to clean and dry lips.
• Use at least three times a day.
• Maintain the application for a minimum of 30 days.
• Consistent use is necessary to achieve the desired result.

More information:
• Safe to use.
• Vegan and free from gluten.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Keep in a cool and dry place.
• Store away from sunlight and direct heat.
• Can be applied under lipstick.
• A cool tingling sensation may be felt, but it subsides within five minutes.

Made in: Turkey

Quantity: 5 ml

Store at room temperature

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