Louis Widmer Deo Roll On 0% Parfum 50 ml

A non-scented antiperspirant roll-on that provides superior 24-hour protection against sweat and bad odor

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Louis Widmer Deo Roll On 0% Parfum 50 ml

Louis Widmer Antiperspirant Roll-on is specially designed with a formula that prevents sweating and maintains a fresh scent all day long.
This Roll-On provides 24-hour odor protection, without irritating the skin.
It is designed to suit sensitive skin that is irritated by alcohol or perfume.
Louis Widmer Antiperspirant contains aluminium salts that reduce perspiration and safely shrink the sweat glands that produce sweat.

Active ingredients:
Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Panthenol, Allantoin, Silver Chloride, Lactic Acid

The benefits of Louis Widmer Antiperspirant:
- Keeps underarm fresh.
- Eliminates and prevents unpleasant odors.
- Helps to reduce swelling.
- Controls excessive sweating.
- Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

How to use Louis Widmer antiperspirant:
- Use Louis Widmer antiperspirant daily, after showering, on clean, dry skin.

More information:
- Fragrance- Free.
-Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:

50 ml

Store at room temperature
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