Maalox stomach pain oral 20 sachets

Maalox is used to relieve indigestion (dyspepsia), Heartburn and flatulence

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Maalox stomach pain oral 20 sachets

Antacid ( Aluminum Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide )

Maalox Plus on ingestion, it reacts with gastric acid to rapidly form a raft of alginic acid gel having a near-neutral pH which floats on the stomach contents effectively impeding gastroesophageal reflux for up to 4 hours, and protecting the esophagus from acid, pepsin and bile.


• Relief of heartburn.

• gastroesophageal reflux.

Points of interest:

• If symptoms do not improve after seven days, the clinical situation

should be reviewed.

• Knead the sachet carefully before opining.

• Drink the suspension as it without diluting it.

How to use:

1 or 2 sachets to be taken when heartburn or acid regurgitation.

Maximum daily dose is 6 doses.

All Active Ingredients:

Aluminium Hydroxide , Magnesium Hydroxide , , ,

Side effects:

• Hypersensitivity reactions such as urticaria.


• Maalox contain sodium and potassium that should be taken into account when a highly restricted salt diet is recommended.


• Antacids will decrease the absorption of many medicines.

• The administration of antacids should be separated by a period of about 2 hours from other orally administered medicines.


20 Sachets

How To Storage :

room temperature

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