Mavala Colorfix Top Coat 10 mL

provide your nails with an ultra-shiny land colorless layer, that protect your nail polish from cracking, as well as extended life for it



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Mavala Colorfix Top Coat 10 mL

Mavala provides you with a special product that mainly extended life for nail polish.
Mavala Colorfix is an ultra-shiny, strong, and flexible topcoat, with a colorless topcoat, reinforced with acryl, which forms a shiny, tenacious, hard but flexible film, fixes the nail polish, protects it from flaking, and prolongs its hold.

Active ingredients:
Acryl , Ethyl Acetate , Butyl Acetate 

reduces chipping.
protects your nail polish.
Keeps nail polish for a long time.

How to use:
Apply Colorfix after the final coat of nail polish has dried over the entire nail

Point of interest:
Adds a hard but flexible film on the nails
Fixes nail polish and protect it against chipping
Extends the life of the manicure
Providing nail polish with a shiny layer
Providing your nails with a colorless layer

Made in:
United Kingdom

10 mL

Store at room temperature.
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