with Anti-Aging, Anti -oxidant & Whitenizer effects



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Medee Serum - 30ml

• Due to the skin color type of women in some regions, they are highly at risk for hyperpigmentation.
• Solution always comes either from (hydroquinone) which is not always safe. So the best solutions come from natural effective ingredients like Vitamin C which is safe and clinically proven for bleaching and antiaging.
• The container is ideal for vitamin C stability (dark-non transparent bottle, white to reflect light. The bottle’s material is non-interactive with vitamin C.
• MEDEE SERUM contains the most essential antioxidant agents: Vitamin C has an anti-aging, whitening effect and provides skin shine; Vitamin E maintains skin young, while Vitamin A is a clarifying agent.
• Finally, hyaluronic acid provides skin smoothing.


Medee Serum, with Anti-Aging, Antioxidant & Whitenizer effects
• Vitamin C is an anti-aging whitener and provides skin shine
• Vitamin E maintains youth
• Vitamin A is a clarifying agent
• Hyaluronic acid provides skin smoothing

Active Ingredient:
Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic acid

Points Of Interest:

• Light texture.
• Hypo-allergic and a high-quality finish.

How to use:
• Apply daily once or twice on the face and neck. It can be applied after using a derma roller as it will give a better quality of absorption.
• Always use a clean derma roller for 30-10 minutes before applying the serum.
• It is recommended to clean hands throughout before using the serum to avoid any germs transferring from hands to face.

Dosage Form:


30 ml

How To Store:

Stores at dark areas

Made in:


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