Mega Pharma Ultra Iron Plus Tabs 80'S

It contains iron and vitamin C which are essential for pregnant, lactating mothers and anemic patients, useful to stop hair loss

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Mega Pharma Ultra Iron Plus Tabs 80'S

Mega Pharma Ultra Iron Plus Tabs 80'S, a vital mineral for the proper functioning of the body, with the important vitamin C that helps in absorption, the dosage required to meet the daily needs of the organism in 100%.

Recommended for:
- The iron supplement is beneficial in cases of failure of the body (anemia due to iron deficiency).
- The young girls and women of reproductive age who are vegetarians or eat small amounts of meat and poultry, may require strengthening of iron intake, because monthly menstruation.
- Cases of physical and mental fatigue as activates and stimulates the body.
- In people with pale skin is estimated that iron restores the normal complexion, while vitamin C helps in the proper functioning of the skin as it contributes to the formation of collagen.
- In people with strong spiritual activities because iron strengthens the normal cognitive function as it helps carry oxygen to the body for greater clarity.

Benefit Or Uses :
Useful for pregnant women, lactating mothers and patients with anemia and hair loss.

Direction For Uses :
1-2 tablets daily.

Active Ingredients :
Iron , Vitamin C .
How To Storage :
room temperature

Made in :

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