MGC Nutrition SoloDvit 50,000 IU Caps 12'S

High concentration of vitamin D, used to treat vitamin d deficiency

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MGC Nutrition SoloDvit 50,000 IU - 12 Capsule

• This bone-building and immune modulating formula contains D3, a form of Vitamin D, and helps your body absorb Calcium.
• Vitamin D3 is a crucial nutrient for overall health, specifically maintaining strong muscles, bones, teeth, and immune systems.
• This easy-to-swallow Capsule is highly absorbable and provides all the benefits.
• Being that a typical diet does not provide the recommended amount of this Vitamin, supplementing with Vitamin D is crucial for overall health.

• Ideal for elderly patients with low Vitamin D levels
• Great for those with chronic conditions and malabsorption issues that continually compromise Vitamin D levels
• Recommended for obese patients with an elevated Body Mass Index that impairs Vitamin D circulation requiring higher repletion doses

Active Ingredient:
Vitamin D3.

Points Of Interest:
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Don't exceed the recommended dose.
• must take a proper healthy diet with multivitamins.

How To Use:
• Once weekly.

Dosage Form:

12 Caps

Stores at room temperature

Made in:

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