Nausa Off Ginger Gum 12 Pcs

A ginger-flavored gum that is used to relieve the annoying feeling of nausea instantly

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Nausa Off Ginger Gum 12 Pcs

Nausa Off gum is specially designed to instantly relieve morning sickness and vomiting.
The candy is fast-acting and suitable for pregnant women who suffer from constant nausea.
Nausa Off gum has a natural formula with a delicious taste and does not cause the side effects of nausea medications such as drowsiness and dry mouth.
It contains ginger oil, ginger powder, and vitamin B6 which work together to reduce the feeling of nausea.

Active ingredients:
Natural Ginger Oil, Ginger Powder, Vitamin B6.

Benefits of Nausa Off gum:
- Relieves nausea caused by travel sickness.
- Reduces morning sickness in pregnant women.
- It treats vomiting and nausea quickly without side effects.

How to use Nausa Off gum:
- Take natural ginger gum when needed and when you feel nauseous.

More information:
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Keep in a cool, dry place.
- Does not cause side effects.
- All its ingredients are natural.

12 pc

Store at room temperature

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