Nebulizer Mask Spare - Pentacare

This kit is to be used as a substitute for the main parts that come with the Nebulizer

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Nebulizer Mask Spare - Pentacare

The replacement Nebulizer Mask Spare kit contains two masks and their respective connecting tubes.
It comes with a mask for children and another for adults, in addition to the tube that connects the Nebulizer to the mask.
This set is portable so can be useful in an emergency.

Features of the Nebulizer Mask kit:
- Easy to use.
- Portable
-Provides all the necessary components.

Direction for use of the Nebulizer Mask Spare kit:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
- Intended for single person use.
- Avoid exposing it to high temperatures or freezing it.

one pack

Store at room temperature

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