Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation 1 SPF 15

Medium coverage liquid foundation with SPF 15 suitable for dry to combination skin


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Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation 1 SPF 15

Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation is a medium to high foundation that helps you to get perfect skin.
It is formulated with oxygen complex that moisturizes, softens, and regenerates the skin.
It unifies the skin tone and covers imperfections, in addition, it contains SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun damage.
Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation is suitable for dry to mixed skin and can also be used for sensitive skin.
It has a dewy finish which makes it perfect for dry skin.
Shade: 1

Active ingredients:
Oxygen complex

How to use:
Use a foundation brush or the beauty blender to blend Nee Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation.

Points of interest:
- Free of alcohol and perfumes.
- Always wash your face with your face cleanser and removes the makeup with a suitable makeup remover before going to the bed.
- Moisturize your skin before applying makeup
- Always Clean your makeup tools.

Made in: Italy

Quantity: 25 ml

Store at room temperature

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