Nemoderm Wound Healing Cream 40 g

A cream with a natural formula that protects the wound from bacteria and accelerates skin healing

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Nemoderm Wound Healing Cream 40 g

- Nemoderm Wound Healing Cream is a cream that works to protect the wound and promote wound healing within a short period.
- It contains a mixture of important natural ingredients that play a major role in maintaining the integrity of the skin.
- These ingredients include propolis, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that is full of flavonoids and works as an immune booster.
- It also contains honey, a natural antiseptic for wounds that promotes and accelerates their healing.
Aloe Vera and neem are also included in this unique formula, they prevent the growth of bacteria on the wound.

Active ingredients:
Propolis, Honey, Aloe Vera Juice, Neem,

The benefits of Nemoderm Wound Cream:
- Accelerates wound healing.
- Cleanses wounds and prevents the growth of bacteria on them.
- Soothes and soothes wounds of all kinds.
- Relieves wound irritation and promotes wound healing.

Directions for use of Nemoderm Cream:
- Apply wound cream directly to the wound 3 times daily.

More information:
- For external use only.
- keep away from the reach of the children.
- The cream may cause sensitivity to some.
- Stop using Nemoderm cream if you experience an allergic reaction and consult a doctor immediately.

Quantity: 40 G.

Store at room temperature.

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