Neoderma Skin Energizing Toning Lotion 130 ml

A toner for sensitive and dry skin that deeply cleanses the skin while maintaining its hydration and softness

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Neoderma Skin Energizing Toning Lotion 130 ml

Neoderma Skin Energizing Toning Lotion is designed with dual technology to serve the special requirements of dry and sensitive skin.
As it works to purify the skin from impurities and cleanse it while maintaining moisture and calming the skin.
The combination of probiotics and prebiotics with Vitamin C work to restore the natural balance of the skin and maintain its moisture so that your skin is filled with vitality and freshness.
Neoderma Skin Energizing Toning Lotion also has Biosaccharide Gum-4 which acts to protect the skin from pollution and the harmful effects of UV rays.
In addition to the presence of Electrolytes that provide the skin with the nutrients it needs.

Active ingredients:
Pre-biotics, Pro-biotics, Vitamin C, Electrolytes, Extremolytes.

• Neoderma Skin Energizing Toning Lotion clears your skin of impurities and dust.
• Maintains skin moisture and does not cause dryness.
• Protects the skin barrier from harmful external factors.
• Neoderma Toning Lotion is suitable for sensitive and dry skin and can be used daily.
• Supplies skin with essential nutrients and electrolytes.

Direction for use:
• To achieve long-lasting and remarkable outcomes, apply a generous amount of the lotion onto your face and neck, moving upwards, after cleansing.
• leave the product on your skin to allow the skin to nourish and glow.
• Be cautious and avoid the delicate eye area.

More information:
• Tested by dermatologists.
• Free of fragrance and allergens.
• Store in a place away from sunlight and light.
• When using for the first time, press the pump several times, to initiate flow.

Made in:

130 ml

Store at room temperature
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