Nexcare Athletic wrap For Sports 3 Inch Blue

A compression bandage for athletes supports muscle and joint with a comfortable fabric that allows the skin to breathe



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Nexcare Athletic wrap 3 INCH Red

A Breathable design creates a comfortable barrier between your skin and first aid or sports tape
The self-adhering elastic wrap provides reliable customizable support and compression to weak and/or injured joints.
This athletic wrap allows you to achieve your desired level of support, yet it stays in place.

Product Color: Red
Product size: 1 roll, 3” x 80” (76.2mm x 2 m).
Suitable body parts: elbows, wrists, ankles and knees.
suitable use in: physical activity, practicing sport, nursing, and injury.

• Easy to use for hassle-free application and removal.
• Nexcare Athletic wrap helps secure hot and cold packs for hands-free injury relief.
• Low-profile design is comfortable under clothing.
• Nexcare Athletic wrap helps secure splints, devices, and more.

More information:
• Keep out of the children.
• This Product Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions.

Made in:

1 Piece

Store at room temperature

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