Nexcare ColdHot Mini 11*12 cm

Nexcare ColdHot Mini is a reusable compress pack for natural pain relief



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Nexcare ColdHot Mini 11*12 cm 1 Piece

Nexcare ColdHot is a sterile, drug-free therapy, non-toxic, natural therapeutic gel that superficial compresses the power of cold and heat.
Use cold for toothache, acute injuries (bruises, sprains, minor bumps), fever (not intended to decrease body temperature), nosebleeds, post-injection, and insect bites swelling.
Use heated for sinus inflammation, wrist arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis, or hand warming.
Nexcare ColdHot pack is safe to use for the whole family.

Product Color: transparent ( blue color of gel).
Product size: 11*12 cm.

• Nexcare provides a natural therapeutic power of cold and heat.
• Cold helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain.
• Heat helps to reduce pain, soothe, and relax.
• Compresses can be used as cold or hot.
• Nexcare ColdHot gel is a natural, drug-free therapy.
• Protective cover included.
• Easy to apply.

Points of interest:
• Keep out of the children.
• Not made from natural rubber latex.
• Can be cooled in the freezer or refrigerator.
• Can be heated in hot water or in the microwave.
• Always insert gel compress in the supplied cover or clean towel, when applying to the skin.
• A protective cover for the gel pack is included allowing quick/easy and comfortable application ensuring furthermore safety for your skin.
• Apply to the affected area for as long as it is comfortable.
• Re-warm the gel pack once it reaches room temperature.

Made in:

1 Piece.

Store at room temperature.
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