Nippes Tweezer Bent Stainless Green

A green tweezer that helps to removes the excess hair of the eyebrows and face



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Nippes Tweezer Bent Stainless Green 

Nippes bent stainless tweezer is specially designed to remove excess hair from the eyebrows to get a more precise shape.
The tweezer design helps to remove even the smallest hair.
Nippes Tweezer bent tip is easy to use, and accurate, it makes plucking less painful and grips the hair effortlessly.

• Nippes Bent Tweezer gives your eyebrows a flawless shape.
• It plucks even the finest hairs.
• Nippes Tweezer is easy to control.

Point of interest:
• Before using the tweezers, wash your face with warm water and clean it of make-up.
• When using tweezers, remove each hair individually, provided that the removal is quick and in the direction of hair growth and from the roots and not from the tip.
• Use ice cubes or wash the face with cold water after hair removal with forceps to reduce redness and pain.
• Avoid random hair removal.
• Avoid using old or rusty tweezers.
• Keep this product out of children's reach.

Made in:

one piece

Store at room temperature
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