Novaclear Hydro Serum 30 ml

A powerful moisturizing serum that is used to provide immediate and long-lasting hydration to the face

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Novaclear Hydro Serum 30 ml:

- Novaclear Hydro Serum is a powerful moisturizing serum designed for the face, neck, and décolletage.
- The serum is formulated to contain two forms of hyaluronic acid that perfectly bind water in the epidermis to provide immediate and long-lasting hydration.
- The medium-molecular hyaluronic acid provides immediate hydration while the low-molecular hyaluronic acid provides long-term hydration by binding water in the deeper layers of the epidermis.
- Novaclear Hydro Serum is fast-absorbing and has a pleasant fragrance that restores skin firmness and a feeling of comfort.
- The serum also contains Grape Stem Cells which have an antioxidant effect that helps inhibit skin aging.
Novaclear Hydro Serum is uniquely infused with Hydromanil to prevent the evaporation of water from the stratum corneum protecting the skin from water loss.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Stem Cells, Hydromanil, Rice Extract.

Novaclear Hydro Serum Benefits:
• Provides both immediate and long- lasting moisturization.
• Suitable for all skin types especially the dehydrated type.
• Has anti- aging effects that promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
• Prevents water loss from the outermost layer of the skin.
• Restores the skin's feeling of comfort.
• Has antioxidant properties to inhibit skin aging.
• Soothes irritation and calms the skin.

Direction for use of the Novaclear Hydro Serum 30 ml:
• Apply a small amount of the Novaclear Hydro Serum to your clean face, neck, and décolletage.
• Use your fingers to gently spread the serum over your skin.

More information:
• Dermatologically tested.
• Intended for external use only.
• Can be used for post medical over- drying treatment.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in: Poland.

Quantity: 30 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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