Nuxe RDM Hand Cream 50Ml 2391551

A rich cream for dry hands that doesn't leave a greasy residue and deeply nourishes the skin With natural extracts to soothe and repair the skin



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NUXE Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream

a hand cream that has an easy to absorb texture that leaves your hands soft and free of any greasy residues. The luxurious formula has precious natural oils, honey, and Vitamin E, to guarantee that your hands are soft and deeply nourished. This cream also contributes to conditioning the nails and making them stronger day after day. Tested under harsh environmental conditions, it's used for those who have dry hands or live in places with very strong wind or cold temperatures.

• Soothes and hydrating hands.
• Strength nails.

How to use:
Apply the cream on your hands whenever needed and massage to make absorption faster.

All Active Ingredients:
Natural oils , Honey , Vitamin E , ,

Points of interest:
• Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
• Doesn't leave a greasy residue.

Stores at room temperature.

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