Omol 500 mg 20 Tabs

Are tablets that contain paracetamol that relieve pain and fever

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Omol 500 mg 20 Tabs

Omol tablets are analgesic and antipyretic drug.
The tablets contain the active ingredient Paracetamol, which is responsible for relieving pain.
Omol tablets are an over-the-counter treatment that is safe to use.

Active ingredients:

Benefits of Omol Tablets:
- Relieves headaches, colds, cough, joint and period pain.
- Relieves fever.
- Can be used without a prescription.

How to use Omol treatment:
- Take Omol 500 mg analgesic when needed.
- The daily dose should not exceed two tablets of Omol 500 every 6 hours.

More information:
- Keep away from direct sunlight.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- This medicine is taken orally.

Made in:

20 Tabs

Store at room temperature

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