On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring system Kit

A kit containing all requirements to test glucose level in blood

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On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

The Plus on Call device is an integrated system that contains all the components needed to monitor blood glucose levels and allow patients to control their diabetes.
It works to provide you average blood sugar level for 7,14,30 days.
The On Call device is intended for self-use and home use.
It is equipped with a memory to store the last 300 blood glucose readings with the date and time, with the option to download to a computer.

• Results that are accurate and fast, reliable and convenient within 10 seconds.
• Less pain with only a very small blood sample needed for testing.
• Fingertip or forearm can be used to obtain a sample for testing.

Direction for use:
• Wash and dry your hands
• Take one test strip from the container then close it tightly.
• Insert the test strip in the meter.
• Hold the lancet device against the side of your fingertip and press the release button, gently squeeze to get a drop of blood.
• Place blood drop on the center of the strip and wait for the result to appear on the screen.

More Information:
Kit also includes
• Carrying Case.
• User's Manual.
• Quick Reference guide.

Made in:

Store at room temperature

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