One Touch Delica Plus Lancets 100'S Limited

Easy-to-use, painless lancets help check blood sugar

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One Touch Delica Plus Lancets 100'S Limited

One Touch Delica Plus Lancets that used to pierce the skin to obtain blood to test blood sugar levels using blood glucose strips that are then inserted in a blood glucose monitor.
One Touch Delica Plus Lancets 100'S are made of two components, the holder which provides the grip, and the lancet, which is the needle point used to prick the skin With a cover to protect from cross infection and external contaminants.
They are intended to be used only once, one lancet for each time you test.

Features of One Touch Delica Plus Lancets:
• Sterile
• Designed for comfort (reduce pain as much as possible)
• Silicone coated to provide stability while testing
• 100 lancets available in each package

How to use:
• Clean and dry your hands before use.
• Insert the lancet into the lancing device and gently remove the cap.
• Start by pricking the tip of your finger and then applying gentle pressure to get a small blood sample.

More Information:
• Lancet Specifications: 30G/0.32mm.
• Compatible with One Touch Delica Plus monitors and Lancing devices.
• If the seal on the package is removed or missing, do not use.

Made in:
United Kingdom

100 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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