One Touch Sure Soft Lancet Gentle 200'S Limited

Thin, gentle lancets on the skin that help take blood samples to measure your blood sugar

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One Touch Sure Soft Lancet Gentle 200'S Limited

One Touch Sure Soft Lancet Gentle 200'S are for single use.
It has a perfect design as it is electro-polished, which makes it delicate to ensure comfortable and smoother operation and use, without feeling pain.
Specifications of One Touch Acupuncture Needles:
Quantity: 200 needles
Depth: 1.8 mm
Size: 28 g

• Easy to hold and use due to the comfort grips.
• One Touch Sure Soft Lancet do not cause pain.
• Suitable for patients that will use frequently and pediatrics.

How to use:
• Clean and dry your hands before use.
• Insert the lancet into the lancing device and gently remove the cap.
• Start by pricking the tip of your finger and then applying gentle pressure to get a small blood sample.

More Information:
• One touch lancet intended for single use.
• Do not use if the cap has been previously removed.
• Do not reuse to reduce the risk of infection.

Made in:
United Kingdom

200 Pcs

Store at room temperature

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