Osteocare Syrup 200mL

Osteocare Syrup 200mL: It's rich of minerals that maintances bone strength.

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Osteocare Syrup 200mL:

Food supplement that rich of calecium and important co-factors as mg, zinc and vitamin D that importants to maintain bones strong and enhances bone function, with great tasting and orange flavour. Suitable all ages specially for those that have hard time with swallowing also for those using soya milk who wish to supplement their diet with calcium and magnesium.

Point of interest:
• Vegetarian
• Have orange flavor that tastes great.
• Suitable for all ages

• Maintances the bone strong
• Delicious orange taste
• Alternative to tablets

Active ingredient:
ca, Mg, zn.

Bone diseases.

Cautions and warnings:
• Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.
• Don't exceed the dose

Direction of use:
2 teaspoonfuls twice a day
Shake well before use

200 ml.

Dosage Form:


room temperature.

Made in:
United Kingdom.

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