Parodium Gel For Sensitive Gums 50 ml

A gel that soothes sensitive gums and supports oral health

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Parodium Gel For Sensitive Gums 50 ml

Parodium Gum Care Gel is specially formulated for those with sensitive gums.
It soothes sensitive gums and prevents plaque formation.
Parodium gel contains rhubarb and chlorhexidine gluconate, which improve oral and gum health.
This gum care gel also gives you fresh breath throughout the day.

Active ingredients:
Rhubarb Extract, Chlorhexidine Gluconate.

The benefits of Sensitive Gum Gel:
- Prevents the formation of dental plaque, a major cause of gum sensitivity.
- Maintains fresh breath and reduces bad odors.
- Improves gum and oral health.

How to use Sensitive Gum Gel:
- Put a pea-sized amount of gel on a clean finger.
- Gently massage the gel into the gums, repeat 3 times daily.

More information:
- The gel has a gelatinous texture that adheres instantly to the gums.
- Suitable for people over 12 years old.
- Be aware of not dispensing with brushing and toothpaste.
- For good results, it should be used at least 3 weeks.

Made in:

50 ml

Store at room temperature

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