Pasante Glow Condoms 12 Pcs

A pack of 12 condoms that are used to intensify pleasure for both partners

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Pasante Glow Condoms 12 Pcs

Pasante Glow Condoms Set gives you a different experience and superior protection.
The condoms glow in the dark after being exposed to green light.
Pasante condoms have a 53mm wide base and a nipple-like end, making them secure and comfortable.
It is also characterized by being smooth and straight from the sides, and They are equipped with a lubricant that does not kill sperm.

Condom Features:
- Comfortable and very easy to use.
- It does not contain any animal derivatives.
- It gives you superior protection due to its durability.

Direction for Use of the condoms:
- Expose condoms to light for 30 seconds before using them.
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information.
- Used only once.
- Store unused condoms in a dark, cool place.
- Semi-transparent condoms.

12 pc

Store at room temperature

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