Pedia Vit D3 400 IU Drops 50 ml

A liquid food supplement used to support bones, teeth, and the immune system in children and helps in calcium and phosphorus absorption

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Pedia Vit D3 400 IU Drops

Pedia Vit D3 400 IU Drops help maintain strong bones and teeth by aiding in the absorption of calcium and promoting a healthy immune system.
These drops are used as a dietary supplement for babies to address deficiencies in vitamin D3 levels caused by limited sun exposure
Vitamin D deficiency in children can lead to rickets, a condition that affects bone growth.
Pedia Vit D3 drops provide support for the immune system in babies, enhancing their ability to respond to viral and bacterial infections such as the common cold and influenza.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin D.

Pedia Vit Select Drops Benefits:
• Supports overall health and well- being
• Promotes the proper development of your child.
• Strengthen the immune system.
• Support mental focus and stimulation.
• Maintains bones and teeth health.

Direction for use of Pedia Vit D3 400IU drops:
• For newborn babies to 3 years of age give 1 ml once daily (full dropper to top line).
• Dispense directly onto the mouth or mix with juice, cereals, or other food.

More information:
• Parabens free.
• Alcohol and Aspartame free.
• Sugar- free.
• keep out of reach of children.
• store in a cool and dry place.
• Can be combined with milk, juice, or food.
• Shake well before use.

Made in:

50 ml

Store at room temperature
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