Pedo cooling Gel Patches 4 Pcs

Fever-reducing patches utilizing innovative Italian technology help reduce fever and relieve headaches with an effect lasting for 8 hours.

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Pedo cooling Gel Patches 4 Pcs

Pedo patches work safely to reduce body temperature thanks to their natural ingredients, making them suitable for all ages.
These patches effectively lower body temperature and relieve pain and headaches for up to 8 hours, providing your child with a sense of comfort.
Pedo patches are also cool and can be used immediately without the need for refrigeration—just place one on your child's forehead when they have a fever.

• Helps absorb excess body heat to relieve fever.
• Safe and can be used for infants and children.
• Provides immediate effect lasting for 8 hours.
• Made from natural ingredients and does not contain any medications.

How to use:
• Peel off the transparent cover, then firmly apply the patch to the skin, ensuring that the skin is dry.
• Leave the patch on for 8 hours.

More information:
• Do not use the patches on damaged or broken skin.

Made in:

4 pieces

Store at room temperature

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