Perfect Life Prebiotic T 6 g* 20 Sachets

Sachets rich in substances that enhance the functions of good bacteria in the body, improve digestive functions and relieve diarrhea

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Perfect Life Prebiotic T 6 g* 20 Sachets

Perfect Life Prebiotic T are sachets rich in vital materials of Acacia Seyal and Acacia Senegal.

It is the food for normal Flora or the "good bacteria", " that protects the digestive system and keeps it healthy As well as maintains its in normal rate.

They enhance the immune system and fight off 'bad' bacteria and infections.

Perfect Life not only nourishes good bacteria but also improves the body's absorption of minerals and nutrients.

Highly effective in the treatment of diarrhea for kids and adults.

Active ingredients:
Acacia Seyal, Acacia Senegal, Magnesium, Calcium

• Can be prepared with food or drink depending on preference.
• After the use of antibiotics, it restores the balance of beneficial bacteria.
• Protect the digestive system and boosts our immunity.
• Strengthens bones and teeth and works to prevent osteoporosis.
• Relieves diarrhea and its accompanying symptoms.
• 100% organic and natural.

Direction for Use:
With Food:
Spread the contents of one sachet of perfect life prebiotic on desired food before every meal and eat directly.
With Water:
Add 200ml of water to the contents of the sachet, stirring until the product is completely dissolved.
Recommended amount: 2-3 times a day.

More information:
• When taken with food, be sure to empty the contents of the prebiotic sachet gradually, while stirring at the same time.
• Each package contains 20 sachets of 6 grams each.
• Store at room temperature.
• Keep Perfect Life Prebiotic out of reach of children.
• Adhere to the recommended method of use.

Made in:
United Arab Emirates

20 Sachets

Store at room temperature

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