Perlamar N.B Hydro Oil Strech Mark 200 Ml 70144

Ultra-nourishing body oil that helps tone and firm the skin



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Perlamar N.B Hydro Oil Stretch Mark 150ml - 200 ml

• Ultra-nourishing body oil that helps tone and firms the skin.
• Enriched with a blend of hydrating oils.
• It helps diminish the appearance of sagging skin, stretch marks.
• Regular use leaves your skin smooth and supple with a radiant glow.

• A distinctive combination of oils and natural extracts in one product.
• It treats old and new stretch lines and moisturizes the body with deep hydration.
• Restores the body to its natural appearance and Smoothes the skin.
• Safe for the pregnant woman.

How To Use:
• Massage liberally into skin twice daily. Reapply as needed.

All Ingredients:
Vitamin A .

How To Storage :
room temperature,.

Made In:

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