PIC Insupen Pen Needles 31Gx6mm 100'S

Needles allow gentle injections and can be used practically from everyone

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Pic Insupen Pen Needles 31Gx5MM 100's

Gentle injection: At just 5 mm diameter, Insupen 31G pen needles improve the comfort of injecting, with a special cut for gentle insertion under the skin, and a thin wall for more rapid insulin flow.

Sealed sterile protective cap.

Easy screwing and unscrewing of the needle.

A sterile needle tip ensures safe use.

Practically for everyone: regardless of gender, age, or BMI.

Compatible: with all common insulin pens.

Minimizes the risk of painful intramuscular injections: with smaller needle lengths.

- Insulin needles.
- Suitable for all common insulin pens.
- With special grinding, special coating, and fine needle.
- For painless insulin delivery.
- 100 Pieces.

Points Of Interest:
• Using Pic Insupen Pen does not require pinching of the skin. The needle can be inserted into the skin with one hand at an angle of 90 °. Counting up to 10 during injection minimizes the risk of insulin leakage that could result in an insufficient dose.
• Change the needle after each injection, Using the same needle repeatedly can lower the effect of the injection and lead to infections and lipodystrophy (change of the subcutaneous adipose tissue). For this reason, the needle must be changed after every use.
• Do not inject insulin over the clothing.

How To Use:

As directed.


100 Needles

How To Store:

Stores at room temperature

Made in:

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