Pigeon Teether Mix for teething

A soft cooling teether that helps reduce teething pain for babies and aid in the development of the baby's mouth and fingers

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Pigeon Teether Mix

Pigeon cooling teethers are used for babies to play with as a toy, it also helps reduce teething pain for babies by providing them something safe to chew on and it stimulates the growth of a child's mouth and fingertips.

It is made in a perfect shape for babies to be easy to hold and to chew and it is safe for 4+-month because the water used in these baby teethers has been certified as clean and sterilized.

• Reduces teething pain for babies.
• Stimulates baby's mouth and fingers.

How to use:
Let the baby chew it.

Points of interest:
• 4+ Months.
• Heat resistance up to 40 ℃
• Safe to wash in soapy water.
• Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilize.

Made in:

1 Pcs

Store at room temperature

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