Proflosser MV2180

A device that effectively cleans spaces between the teeth by pumping water between the teeth and along the gum line

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Proflosser MV2180

Profloser Water Flosser is a device that effectively cleans the spaces between the teeth using water.
The device works with three different pumping forces to suit the nature of your teeth and gums, and the water flow is in a very thin line to enter effectively into the spaces.
The device also features the ability to self-shutdown after two minutes, this reduces energy consumption from the battery and makes it last longer.
Profloser is an effective and quick option to be part of the dental cleaning steps and to maintain the health of teeth and gums.

Benefits of Profloser Water Flosser:
- Effectively cleans gaps between teeth.
- Gentle on teeth and gums as it uses only water.
- Easily reaches all areas of the mouth.
- does not hurt the gums, unlike regular dental floss.

How to use Proflosser:
- Turn on the device at the water pumping power that suits your teeth and gently pass it on all the spaces between the teeth.

More information:
- Waterproof.
- Keep away from the reach of the children.

Quantity: one device

Store at room temperature

Made In: China



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