Puffy Chamber Small 0-18 Months

A device that is used to deliver the medication from the nebulizer to the lungs

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Puffy Chamber Small 0-18 Months

The Puffy Chamber is a spacer that fits between the metered dose inhaler and the mouth, making using the nebulizer easier and more effective.
Metered dose inhalers usually require great dexterity to balance the pressure on the nebulizer and inhale the entire dose of medication.
So the holding chamber acts as a separator that keeps the spray coming out of the sprayer until it is completely inhaled by the patient.
This ensures that the patient takes the entire dose without losing any of it in the air, as sometimes happens when using the inhaler directly.
The holding chamber comes in several sizes in proportion to age, to ensure proper fit with the patient’s mouth and complete comfort when using it.

Benefits of Puffy Chamber:
- Makes metered dose inhaler easier to use.
- Ensure that the entire dose is taken by the patient.
- Enable children or the elderly to use nebulizers.
- Comes in different sizes to suit the age and size of the patient.

How to use the Puffy Chamber:
- Attach the holding chamber to your metered dose inhaler.
- Put the holding chamber in your mouth and close your mouth tightly.
- Press the sprayer to release the mist that contains the treatment.
- Inhale vigorously through your mouth the spray inside the holding chamber.

More information:
- Used by one person only.
- Suitable for children from 0 to 18 Months.
- Make sure to clean the holding chamber after use.

Made in:

one piece

Store at room temperature

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