Pursonic Water Floss

Electric water floss used in cleaning oral cavity and teeth

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Pursonic Water Floss
Pursonic water pressure dental flosser and rechargeable plaque remover.
It removes bacteria and moldy materials that cause unpleasant odors between the teeth.
Used with water or mouthwash.
Contains three operation modes, nozzle release button, most convenient for water refill, and rechargeable seat.

Active ingredients:
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• Clean the small cavity that can’t be reached by the toothbrush.
• Pursonic Water Floss Removes all sustained foods stick between teeth.
• Keep the oral cavity clean from infection.
• Easy to use, save time, and be rechargeable.
• Protect the teeth from diseases.

How to use:
Follow the label directions inside Pursonic water floss.


Made in:

1 Device

Store at room temperature.

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