Rausch Ginseng Caffeine Conditioner 200 mL For hair loss

a unique combination of natural extracts, that works together to treat hair loss and provide you with healthy hair scalp



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Rausch Ginseng Caffeine Conditioner 200ml     
Blend of natural herbal product from Rausch, that mainly promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss by nourishing hair scalp with essential nutrients, as well as its roles in improving blood circulation in the scalp.
It's the best choice for all hair types.

Active ingredients:
Guarana seeds , Nettle , Ginseng root.

• prevents hair loss hair.
• Improves blood circulation in the scalp.
• Strengthens the scalp with lasting effect.
• Promotes hair growth.

How to use:
1 After washing your hair, apply a little amount of rinse conditioner to your damp scalp.
2- Allow the product to take effect for two to three minutes.
3- Rinse thoroughly.

Point of interest:
• Effective for all hair types.
• Safe and easy to use.
• For external use only.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature

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