Rossmax Nebulizer Accessory Pack

A package containing the accessories of the respirator that guarantee an effective and comfortable inhalation session

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Rossmax Nebulizer Accessory Pack

Nebulizer Accessory Pack from Rossmax is a complete set that includes all parts of the Nebulizer that can be replaced.
The package contains a variety of essential accessories including masks for adults and children, 5 air filters, an angled mouthpiece, an air tube, and an N1 vaporizer bottle.
The masks in the pack fit snugly over the face while the air filters keep clean air flowing.
The angled mouthpiece facilitates inhalation and the air tube ensures good airflow.
The mask supply package also includes the N1 nebulizer bottle, which is specially designed to carry and deliver medication effectively.

Features of Rossmax Respirator Accessories:
- The original parts of the Nebulizer device can be replaced with alternative parts that extend the life of the device.
- Easy to use and assemble.
- The package contains all the supplies that ensure an effective nebulization process.

Directions for use of the Nebulizer Accessory Pack:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
• Ensure that all parts of the Nebulizer are sterilized and washed thoroughly before and after each use.
• Replace the air filters regularly in a while to effectively keep the delivery of drug particles at bay.
• Avoid bending the air tube during use to ensure a continuous flow of medication.
• Store the mask and its accessories in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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