Septona Extra Waterproof Plaster 20 Pcs

High-performance, transparent, waterproof wound plaster

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Septona Extra Waterproof Plaster 20 Pcs

Septona Extra Waterproof Plaster that cover and protect wounds from external contaminants.
Ideal for minor cuts and scrapes on all parts of the body.
It is characterized by its high stability, which allows daily activities to be carried out comfortably while using it.
Waterproof wound plasters, which provides additional protection for wounds to speed up their healing and makes them suitable for use in the shower.

Characteristics of Septona wound plasters:
• Available in different sizes.
• transparent.
• High stability.
• Does not cause sensitivity or skin irritation.
• water resistant.

•Apply after cleansing wounds.
• Apply to dry skin.
• When changing the plaster, be sure to peel it off gently.
• It is recommended to replace them periodically to avoid infection and aggravation of the wound.

Made in: European.

Quantity: 20 Pcs.

Store at room temperature

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