Skins Bubblegum Condoms 12 Pcs

A pack of 12 transparent condoms that provide protection and enhance the overall experience

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Skins Bubblegum Condoms 12 Pcs

Skins Condoms are flexible, transparent condoms made of natural latex, providing protection and enhancing the overall experience
This Bubblegum condom is characterized by its high lubricating ability, which prevents dry friction that causes pain during intimacy.
Skins package contains 12 condoms that are very thin so you and your partner feel even more.

Features of Condom Bubblegum:
- It has a transparent color.
- Gives you a natural feel.
- Provides extra lubrication.
- It doesn't smell like latex.

Directions for use of the Condom Bubblegum:
- Use a condom only once.
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
- Store condoms away from direct sunlight.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
-Some people may experience allergic reactions to condoms.
-No contraceptive method is 100% effective.

Made in:
United Kingdom


Store at room temperature

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