Tonimer Normal Nasal Spray 125 ml

A spray containing sterile, equally concentrated seawater is used for daily nasal cleaning.

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Tonimer Normal Nasal Spray 125 ml

Tonimer is an adult nasal spray that contains sterile sea water and an equally concentrated saline solution.
It is designed for daily cleaning, washing, and moisturizing of the nasal passages to remove impurities and thick mucus effectively.
This spray promotes comfort and easy breathing, particularly in cases of colds, flu symptoms, and nasal congestion.
Additionally, it treats nasal dryness and maintains the inner mucous membrane of the nose and nostrils clean. By repairing internal skin damage, Tonimer improves breathing and overall nasal health.

Active ingredients:
Sea Water.

• Gently cleanses the nose, removing impurities such as dust, fine pollution particles, mucus, and allergens.
• Helps restore the natural moisture of the nasal mucosa.
• Prevents ear, nose, and throat disorders during colds and ear infections.
• Improves breathing, helping you sleep peacefully and feel comfortable.
• Can be used in cases of bronchitis.
• Helps prevent colds.

How to use:
• Use when needed or according to the doctor's instructions.
• Gently insert the nozzle into the nostril.
• Press the nozzle briefly, allowing any excess solution to run out before wiping the nose.
• Repeat the procedure in the other nostril.

• Do not use it for more than 15 days without consulting a doctor.
• Avoid using Tonmer spray if the nose is infected or injured.

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Quantity: 125 ml

Store at room temperature
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